Why Opt for a TPO Roofing Service?

Everything You Need to Know About TPO Roofing

If you are looking to upgrade your flat roof system, TPO roofing is one of your top choices. The TPO roofing service offers many benefits, and here Roofing Contractor by Cruz, one of the local suppliers of TPO products in Everson, WA, will tell you more about them!

What is TPO?

TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin and is a type of single-ply material with heat-reflective and energy-efficient features. It is a type of rubber roofing material that contains a blend of rubber and fillers that add to its flexibility and durability. TPO is an economical alternative to PVC and was introduced to the market back in the 90s. For only two decades, the product has gained immense popularity, and it is now among the most preferred choices for people who want to improve the performance of their flat roofs.

Available Options

A roofing service that includes TPO is a favorite option for commercial applications since its introduction. But in recent years, more and more residential customers are opting for it as well. One reason for the interest is the color range and curb appeal of the material. Also, the energy-saving potential. The membranes are designed to meet different types of applications and building design specifications.

The Cons

While any other contractor will give you the pros of the TPO membrane, I will tell you all the cons of the product — so you can make an informed choice when it comes to upgrading your current roofing system.

  • Seam failure.

The biggest issue that you might have with the TPO products is seam failure. The most durable options have high welding temperatures, but because the product is quite new on the market, manufacturers are still experimenting with the formulas.

  • Inferior formulas.

No two products are created equal, and brands are constantly changing their formulas to get the best possible results at the lowest costs. This means that they have to be extra choosy when you purchase a TPO roof.

  • Heat damage.

Although the membrane can stand up to a great deal of heat, it is not impervious to heat. Some TPO roof systems are prone to failure with extended exposure to high temperatures.

With all the information I have given you, I think it is now easier for you to make up your mind about a roofing product for your home improvement project. Call me at (360) 922-2317 if you want to add something or discuss your roofing service needs and get free advice!

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